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Gel Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Gel Orthopedic Seat Cushion

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If you're looking for an orthopedic seat cushion that will provide superior comfort and support, the Gel Orthopedic Memory Foam U Coccyx Travel Seat Cushion is the perfect choice. Made with high-quality memory foam and a gel layer, this cushion dampens bumps and alleviates pressure on the tailbone, sciatica nerve, lumbar and lower back. It's ideal for use in the car or at the office, and its small size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. The Belmint orthopedic seat cushion promotes healthy posture, blood circulation and alignment of the spine, making it the perfect choice for those who want to improve their overall health.



Density: 50D
Shape: U type
Material: Polyurethane
Color: black blue gray coffee purple pink
Use scenario: office/car/family/stadium, etc.
Size: 45 * 35 * 7cm

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