Our story

Ofinomics was born from our experience dealing with physical pain after spending long hours in front of the computer. As a team of young entrepreneurs and as many people, we were facing neck and back pain due to bad posture and long working hours. Since then, we decided to create a new path and every step we take as a team reflects our commitment to achieving wellness in the workplace.

  • We do not limit ourselves to selling products, but our purpose is to democratize access to quality ergonomic accessories. We offer solutions that alleviate and prevent injuries, and our experts are responsible for designing a range of items with everything you need to improve your health in front of the computer.

  • We also believe that ergonomics without the right design is not enough. We love minimalism and for us aesthetics matter a lot. The principle "less is more" inspires us, and that's why each of our products reflects a calm and focused work environment.

  • Based on our obsession to improve health in the workplace, each item is designed to take care of critical areas such as the cervical and lumbar spine, so we offer a product line that covers everything from laptop stands to lumbar cushions and wrist cushions. And our commitment goes further, as we're here to offer guidance and support in your quest for a healthier workspace. 

Our customers

The truest proof of our service comes from the real experiences of our customers. Over 500 customers worldwide have so far experienced pain relief and prevention thanks to our accessories. These numbers are the heart of Ofinomics, and we are proud that 95% of our customers are satisfied with their products.

We are building a path to a future where anyone can work healthier. Will you join us?