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ErgoClean Cable

ErgoClean Cable

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Give that cluttered desk a break with our ErgoClean Cable Organizer. Add a touch of minimalist style to your workspace and organize every cable in its place.

It is made of ultra-resistant silicone, and you will be able to find its variants for 3, 5 or 7 clips. Its base adheres to any surface, including curved areas.

Whether for your computer or simply to give that clean touch to your space, ErgoClean Cable is for you.


Technical details - measurements:

ErgoClean Cable 3 clips: 6.3x2.1x1.3 cm

ErgoClean Cable 5 clips : 9.6 x2.1x1.3 cm

ErgoClean Cable 7 clips: 12.9 x2.1x1.3 cm


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